Body painting is my absolute favorite subject.

What is it actually? Bodypainting is a form of art in which the whole body is painted with washable colors.

I conjure up many different things on the body, such as landscapes, abstract art, transformations into various people, creatures, mythical creatures, animals and much more.

I use skin-friendly, water-soluble paints and oil-based paints.

Water soluble paints are simply mixed with a wet brush and the magic begins. The paints I use are biologically safe and very easy to wash off.

Oil-based paints are very suitable for the stage, because they have a very strong opacity and also hold very well on the skin for a long time. Applying them to the skin is very quick because you don’t have to mix them with water.

For both techniques I use a Kapuk brush, because with this I can apply the color most evenly.