Daily Make-Up



Modern and light day make-up is natural, but at the same time should emphasize the advantages of the face. The make-up should even out small imperfections and give an even complexion. The eyes, eyebrows and lips are emphasized with a light color. Colors such as nude or rose are very often recommended.

Evening Make-Up



Evening makeup emphasizes the eyes with strong colors and different shimmer tones. For the complexion, it is best to use camouflage makeup, as they offer high pigmentation and long-lasting intensity.


Smokey Eyes:

Here, apply the lightest shade to the entire lid, up to the eyebrow. The middle shade is used to shade the mobile lid, while the darkest shade is applied to the crease of the eyelid. For extra glamour, you can dab a little glitter on the outer lid. It is advisable to always blend the smoky eyes at the end – use a large, fluffy brush for this. Colors such as black, anthracite or dark pine green can be used very well for this.




Makeup tips to match your eye color:

Not every makeup suits all eye shapes and types. With the right eye shadow eyes are individually better emphasized and so the matching the look comes to shine best.

Make-up tips for eyes: to a green eye color fit, for example, purple or fuchsia, to blue eyes reddish to brownish tones. Women with brown eyes can wear almost any makeup, except for yellowish or copper-colored eye shadows.